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WATCH: 22 Flee Pickup Truck After Encounter with TX Law Enforcement


Politicians on the left say, “There is no crisis at the border.” They want you to believe it’s all a figment of your imagination. “Nothing to see here!” they yell.

But seeing what unfolded after a Texas sheriff’s deputy pulled over a white Ford F-250 last week — under the suspicion that it was stolen, mind you — I’d beg to differ that increased border security is a necessity. 

“Brooks County Sheriff's Office conducted a traffic stop on a White Ford F-250 that came back stolen,” the sheriff’s office posted Facebook. “After a brief pursuit the vehicle bailout in Encino,TX.”

Brook’s County dash cam video shows the pick-up truck pulled over on the side of the road waiting for the officer’s approach. After the passenger of the vehicle opened the door and peered out, the driver of the F-250 took off attempting to escape the deputy.

The deputy pursued the vehicle a short distance as they crossed the highway toward a grassy field. Right then was when things got very interesting.

The seemingly normal truck — which appeared to hold just two people — was revealed to be a “living facility” housing 22 — I repeat, 22... possible illegal immigrants, according to Texas Breaking News.

One after the other they jumped out of the white F-250 attempting to escape possible deportation. One passenger climbed a nearby fence while others began running toward who knows where.

The mostly male passengers were primarily packed into the bed of the truck covered with a plyboard which initially concealed them from view. 

This incident can definitely make you wonder how often situations like this are taking place. 

Facebook users proceeded to have a field day in the comment section after viewing the now viral video.







H/T: The American Mirror

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