2021 Much Like 2020: At Least 5 Dead, 25 Wounded in Chicago Weekend Shootings

Nick Kangadis | January 4, 2021
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Leftists can blame President Donald Trump all they want for all of their own shortcomings. But, it is exclusively the fault of leftist politicians in Chicago that the city never really improves on the criminal violence that plagues the Windy City. Maybe if Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot stopped blaming everyone else for her ineptitude as a “leader,” the people of Chicago might not face so grim a fate in some areas of the city. I wonder what excuses she’ll use in 2021.

A 58-year-old man was the first shooting fatality of 2021. Patrick Patterson was driving his car at 3:15 early Friday morning when he was struck by a bullet in the neck, which caused him to veer off into a vacant lot and crash in a nearby alley.

Patterson was just one of five people who were murdered over the first weekend of 2021.

Here are the names and ages of those who lost their lives just as the new year began, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Patrick Patterson, 58

Mark Manning, 29

Unidentified Male, 30

Jorge Chavez, 25

Quinyon M. Norman Jr., 29

The final Chicago weekend shooting numbers for 2020 show that 329 people died and another 1,706 were wounded during the past year.

The Chicago Tribune shooting tracker, which keeps a weekly count of all Chicago shooting victims regardless of the day of the week, reported that 4,115 people have been victims of shootings as of December 27, during 2020. That is 1,412 more than at the same point in 2019, and the second highest number behind the same point in 2016 (4,338).

Folks, I could tell all of you about the changes that need to be made by the “powers-that-be” in Chicago in order to help curb the violence. But, I’ll only do that again when the politicians’ empty words gain a little substance.