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Video: Is Obama's Iran Deal This Generation's Munich Agreement?

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Dennis Prager is a nationally-syndicated radio talk show host, columnist, author, and founder of PragerU

In his recent video, "The Nuclear Deal With Iran," Prager notes the parallels between contemporary Iran and Nazi Germany prior to World War II.

The similarities are frightening, to say the least. Watch for yourself:

The video begins by explaining how on September 30th, 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain signed a deal with Adolf Hitler that was supposed to mean "peace for our time." The agreement allowed Hitler to keep the "Sudetenland" in hopes of lowering tensions and preventing war. This agreement failed to make peace.

This is the danger of a bad deal with a bad regime, Prager says.

Both contemporary Iran and Nazi Germany are fascistic regimes, headed by anti-Semitic and anti-democratic leaders. Similar to pre-war Germany, Iran has continued to position itself for regional territorial gains throughout the Middle-East. 

Prager explains that Iran wants;  power, control, land, and influence. And the holy grail to achieve an empire in this day in age is through nuclear technology. The video dispute the claim that war is the onley alternative to this deal.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants more sanctions, but is prepared for war if that is Israel's last resort. 

The video leaves viewers with this simple question: Is it possible that Iran will reform itself via a more liberal youth before it is able to achieve the bomb? Hopefully so. But, the video reminds viewers to judge Iran on their words and actions, both of which have been anti-American for decades. 

It also leaves viewers with another question: Is this our generation's Munich Agreement?





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