2 By Floor: Liberals Lobby For 'Right' To 'Universal Internet'

Eric Scheiner | April 7, 2017
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The U.S. Senate this week was all about Neil Gorsuch and his eventual confirmation, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t lots of activity elsewhere.

In the House on Wednesday Rep. Ro Khanna (D- Calif.) argued that it’s not only the government’s responsibility to provide for universal health care and universal college, but also “universal internet.”

“If anything we need a country which is going to have universal broadband, universal internet access,” Khanna said.

“Just like we talk about having a universal right to health care, just like we talk about the universal right to college, we can’t live in a society where everyone can’t have access to the internet.”

We can’t? Was there even life in the 1970’s? How did man not die out?

Do we really need the government to get involved with this even more than it already is now? Was it ever the government’s proper role to get involved in offering internet to consumers in the first place?

You may need to sit down after hearing Khanna’s comments, but you may not want to “rise up” until after May Day.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D- Ill.) announced on the House floor that May Day will be the day he wants people to “rise up”.

“If you care about justice, rise up with us on May 1st,” Gutierrez said. “If you think a man should be able to use a men’s bathroom even if he says his birth certificate says he was born a woman, rise up with us.”

Um, no.

If you disagree with Rep. Gutierrez you may now be seated.

You may have to fight the urge to get up and dance around the may pole on May Day, however.

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