17 New Babies in One Year! Missouri Sheriff's Office Had a Busy 2019

Nick Kangadis | December 23, 2019
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(Headline Image: Screenshot/Facebook/Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)

I’m not one to get “mushy” very often, but this is just freakin’ adorable!

Jefferson County in Missouri saw a population boom in 2019 — well, at least in the law enforcement sector. It’s amazing what a little financial security can do for people.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office saw its officers greet an astonishing 17 new babies in 2019 alone!

“I think no one realized how many babies there were until we showed up that day for the picture, and then it was kind of an awe factor just seeing them all," Captain Andy Sides said, according to CBS News.

The “baby boom” is being partially attributed to a local property tax increase voted on in 2018 by the people of Jefferson County.

CBS News reported:

The baby boom may be thanks to a financial boon for the county's deputies, CBS News correspondent Meg Oliver reports. In April 2018, Jefferson County residents voted to pass Proposition P, a property tax increase that raised salaries in the sheriff's office, something the officers hadn't seen for over 30 years.

There’s even video of the 2019 babies! Enjoy!


How can you not love that?

H/T: Fox 32 - Chicago