13,000 Migrant Kids Are Expected to Cross the Border In May, Signaling a Massive Problem For Borderless Biden

Brittany M. Hughes | February 26, 2021
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More than 13,000 unaccompanied alien children - most of them teenagers - are expected to cross the border during the month of May, signaling a massive surge in the number of minors coming into the United States unlawfully and far surpassing the border crisis of 2019.

According to Axios, border officials are projecting the immigration wave based on the already increasing number of migrants – including kids and teens – who’ve begun streaming across the border since President Joe Biden’s election, expecting to be allowed in thanks to Biden’s promise of more relaxed enforcement policies.

If those projections hold true, the number of UACs flowing into the U.S. would far exceed the number that arrived in 2019, when the Trump administration was heavily criticized by the left and the liberal media for “keeping kids in cages” by temporarily detaining them in the same border facilities used under President Obama.

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The Biden administration has already come under fire (albeit, not nearly as much, and not from the same progressive hand-wringers) for reopening a Trump-era overflow facility in Texas comprised of tents and trailers to deal with an overflow of migrant teens – a surge that’s unlikely to stop anytime soon, and may pose a problem for a president who vowed to handle the immigration crisis differently than his predecessor. Axios reports border officials say the incoming wave of illegal aliens will likely force the administration to open even more overflow facilities, particularly while social distancing requirements remain in place thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. A facility for children in Homestead, Florida, maligned by the left as a "concentration camp" under the Trump administration, is expected to be reopened in April.

The overflow facility already being utilized for migrant teens can hold up to 700 UACs at a time - most of whom are expected to stay at least 30 days - at a total per-day cost to taxpayers of $542,500.