12 Dead as Terrorists Retaliate for French Mohammed Cartoon

danjoseph | January 7, 2015
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The video above is raw footage of the attack on at the offices of a satirical newspaper in Paris, France on Wednesday that left at least 12 people dead. 

The attack was reportedly perpetrated by Muslim extremists who were seeking revenge on the newspaper for publishing cartoons that featured the prophet Mohammed.

The Muslim attackers shouted “Allahu Akbar”(God is greatest) and shouted “we have avenged the prophet” at the end of the strike.

The attackers then disappeared into the French subway system. 

It is believed that the offending cartoons included a 2012 piece by the magazine, Charlie Hebdo, which reads:  “The shooting of the scandalous film about Mohammed” above a scene that depicts a naked actor portraying Mohammed having sexual intercourse with a pig's head while being filmed.  In a translation of the cartoon, the actor asks: “You are sure that Mohammed had sexual relations with the head of a pig?"  To which the cameraman responds: "I have not the resources to pay for a nine year-old whore, man."

Hebdo’s cartoon was a response to the violent protests that were taking place in several countries over a low-budget film, titled "Innocence of Muslims.”  The film later gained attention in the United States when the Obama Administration claimed that the film had been the cause of the attacks on the American Embassy in Benghazi. 

Hebdo has also featured other cartoons that depict the prophet Mohammed and poke fun at Sharia law.

This is not the first time that Islamic extremists have targeted Hebdo.  In 2011, the office was firebombed in retaliation for the magazine listing the Prophet Mohammed as editor-in-chief.

There was similar outrage in 2005, when a Danish paper published a controversial caricature of Mohamed with a bomb in place of a turban.  




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