11-Year-Old Girls Can Now Go Topless In Fort Collins, CO After Feminists Defeat 'Sexist' Ban

Brittany M. Hughes | September 18, 2019

Girls as young as 11 can now legally walk around Colorado topless.

Let me repeat that, for those who think I’m kidding: girls as young as 11 can now legally walk around Colorado topless.

According to this, the city council in Fort Collins, Colorado – to settle a three-year lawsuit from the “Free the Nipple” campaign – agreed earlier this month to remove a ban on women over 10 years old exposing their breasts in public spaces.

Meaning that now, and I really can’t emphasize this enough, girls as young as 11 can now legally walk around Colorado topless.

The ban was officially lifted as of Tuesday after the city spent over $320,000 in legal fees trying to defend the ordinance, which came under fire from a loud but relatively minor feminist group that thinks women should be able to prance about wherever they please with their ta-tas just hanging about. Brit Hoaglang and Samantha Six had sued the town over what they called a sexist policy that targeted women.

“Everybody should be able to be comfortable on a hot day and if that means taking their shirt of so be it. No matter how you look, you should have the same freedom at the person next to you. And it’s also about equality,” said Hoagland.

By the time the city council finally agreed to drop the ban, a district court judge and a federal appeals court had already ruled against the policy.

KGUN9 reports that because the policy was struck down by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and the city declined to pursue their case up to the U.S. Supreme Court, this means any such policy barring women from walking around topless without also placing the same restrictions on men "means laws banning women from being topless are not enforceable in all six states in the 10th District." This includes Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas or Oklahoma.

Therefore, to reiterate yet again, girls as young as 11 can now legally walk around Colorado topless. And in a world in which parents are willingly dragging their prepubescent boys into Drag Queen Story Hours and teaching them how to smear on 14 pounds of makeup with a spatula before they've even learned how to shave, tween girls being encouraged to trot around with their bare chests exposed to every perv with functioning retinas no longer seems outside the realm of possibility.

You know, for #equality. 

(Cover Photo: Maria Eklind)