11 Of the Craziest Looks From San Fran's Anti-Trump Pride Parade

Brittany M. Hughes | June 26, 2017
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Remember that time you went to a conservative rally and saw people dressed up like space aliens, or women walking around in bondage gear with their boobs hanging out?

Yeah, me either. 

But that's apparently what happens at a gay pride parade -- or, at least, the one held annually in the liberal haven of San Francisco. True to form, Nancy Pelosi's hometown let it all hang out during their yearly Pride march over the weekend. And while very little of it was pretty, it was bizarre. Here are a few of the weirdest looks displayed in the name of...um..."pride," I guess.

(Legal disclaimer: the Media Research Center is not liable for any injuries you may sustain by pouring bleach in your own eyes, blinding yourself with a fork or simply throwing yourself off a cliff and ending it all.)

1. A half-naked lesbian and her (presumed) lover on a motorcycle. Because PRIDE!


2. A guy in a dress he shouldn't be wearing. Actually, no one should be wearing that dress. Ever.


3. Some people dressed up as balloon peacocks, for #equality.


4. This space alien from the planet Moron.


5. Seriously, what is that?


6. The Fruit Loops bird's crazy twin sister.


7. This look breaks all laws of God and man. Not to mention, fashion.


8. I've entitled this one, "Oh God, My Eyes, My Eyes."


9. A (pretty sure that's not a) woman wearing a dress made out of Trump faces.


10. This woman and a giant penis.


11. This.......yeah, I've got nothing.


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