10 Of the Most Ridiculous Overreactions To the Net Neutrality Vote

Brittany M. Hughes | December 14, 2017
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The FCC voted Thursday 3-2 to scrap 2015 Obama-era regulations establishing so-called "Net Neutrality," which is basically a vague term used to describe government overregulation of the internet.

And apparently, the vote means we're all going to be sucked into a terrible vortex in which our memories are wiped, our ability to communicate is eradicated and our entire world explodes in a mushroom cloud of Y2K-reminiscent horror. Or something.

Here are a few of the most insane reactions to the Net Neutrality vote.

GLAAD, who apparently thinks pre-2015 internet was killing the gays.

This Illinois Attorney General candidate who thinks Trump broke the internet.

Bernie Sanders, who thinks three-year-old Net Neutrality rules were the lynchpin of our 250-year-old democracy.

This person who’s posing on the internet about supposedly losing the internet.

Planned Parenthood, who’s worried people might not have access to their online death pamphlets.

This person who apparently never met anyone before Facebook.

This person who says those who don’t support government takeovers of the internet are soulless monsters.

This woman who thinks people didn’t know things before Google.

This guy who says that anti-Net Neutrality FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is pretty much on par with a dictator who murdered 11 million innocent people.

This socialite/ex-porn star who thinks Pai should be poisoned with bleach for disagreeing with her on internet policy.

There you have it, folks -- the virtual sky is most certainly falling. I’d have included more tweets here, but the folks from Yahoo! just arrived to smash in all my fingers with a hammer.