10 Attacks on Trump Supporters the Media Ignored


National left-wing media are constantly accusing Donald Trump of potentially inciting violence with words, but here are 10 actual attacks on Trump supporters that they didn’t tell you about.

As this list shows, it doesn't matter who you are, or where you live, supporting Trump can be dangerous - and even when local media do report on the attacks, they try to justify the violence by suggesting the victims got what they deserved.

Of course, no one on the left complains when "The Huffington Post" runs a piece entitled, "Sorry Liberals, A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any" or "The New York Times" publishes "Trump’s History of Encouraging Violence" (in which, each "example" is merely Trump talking about supporters defending themselves from attacks).

Check out these Top 10 attacks from across the country on Trump supporters so far this year – plus, an Honorable Mention from December of 2015.

62-Year-Old Man Attacked with Crowbar Over Trump Shirt

A senior citizen in Bloomfield, NJ was stalked, then assaulted and cursed at in the parking lot of a Friendly's restaurant - just for wearing a Donald Trump t-shirt - in August.

Source: MRCTV - Aug. 9, 2016

Video: Leftist Mob Violently Ejects Trump Supporter From New York City Park

A Trump supporter wearing a ‘Make America Great Again!” hat in New York City was violently forced out of City Hall Park by a screaming mob of the so-called "tolerant" people from the "#ShutDownCityHallNYC" movement in August.

Source: The Gateway Pundit - Aug. 1, 2016