Monica Sanchez
Assistant Editor, Reporter

Monica is MRCTV’s assistant editor and West Coast correspondent. Prior to working at MRCTV, Monica worked for CNS News and The Heritage Foundation, operating primarily in digital media and video production. 

Monica Sanchez | October 17, 2014
Dallas Nurse Blasts Texas Ebola Hospital: 'They Put Their Lives on the Line Without Proper Equipment’ See More at:
Monica Sanchez | October 15, 2014
When asked to provide concrete evidence that the U.S. campaign against ISIS has been effective in degrading the terrorist organization, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest responded that the Department of Defense has “maps.”  
Monica Sanchez | October 14, 2014
A new political ad produced by left-wing progressive group Agenda Project Action Fund blames Republicans for the deaths caused by Ebola and U.S. government agencies' defective response to the outbreak.
Monica Sanchez | October 14, 2014
Last night on The Colbert Report, comedian and talk show host Stephen Colbert discussed strategy for this fall’s midterm elections.
Monica Sanchez | October 13, 2014
Michelle Obama flubbed a candidate's name seven times at a campaign event in Iowa this weekend.
Monica Sanchez | October 2, 2014
In light of domestic scandal involving our nation's leadership and the chaos taking place abroad, one could tangibly feel American confidence in the government plummeting.  Last night on Fox News, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer discusses this "sense in the country" that our leadership is falling apart, which he argued is a direct consequence of a "crisis of competence" in the White…
Monica Sanchez | September 30, 2014
During today's Department of Defense briefing, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby expressed his frustration with the American media regarding its recent coverage of U.S. military airstrikes on Iraq and Syria.According to Kirby, media coverage has been out of bounds, focused primarily on civilian casualties as a direct consequence of the airstrikes and how ISIL continues to grab ground despite…
Monica Sanchez | October 1, 2013
Showing a lighter side to teen pregnancy, Mom shows again how "like mother like daughter" can be taken way too far. 
Monica Sanchez | September 24, 2013
Main character Christy (Anna Faris) tells her emotional story of the reasons behind her journey to get sober and sets up the plot basis for the show Mom, a new CBS series airing Mondays at 9:30/8:30 central.