Jeffrey Clark
Staff Writer/Researcher

Jeffrey Clark currently serves as a staff writer and researcher for the Media Research Center's Business Division. His work has been featured in the Daily Wire, the Climate Dispatch, and The Bongino Report. 

He graduated from the University of Iowa in 2019 with a dual degree in History and English literature. Immediately following graduation, he travelled to South Korea on a Fulbright scholarship where he served as an English Teaching Assistant from 2019-20. After completing his grant year, Jeff returned to Washington D.C. to serve as the sole speechwriter for the 53rd secretary of the interior, David L. Bernhardt. There, he edited and helped write op-eds that were published in various local, regional, and national publications, including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Bloomberg Law.

In January 2021, he finished his service with the Trump Administration and was accepted for an additional year with the Fulbright program in South Korea, this time at the most academically rigorous high school in Chungcheongbuk Province. He was proud to volunteer with Liberty in North Korea, the Hana Foundation, and the U.S. Embassy during his time in South Korea. Jeffrey is a current resident and native of Fairfax County in Virginia.

The NBC, CBS and ABC morning news shows largely ignored a devastating report showing that inflation rose again in August. The report looms ahead of President Joe Biden’s scheduled remarks today, where he will likely tout his so-called “Inflation-Reduction-Act.”

Former Attorney General Bill Barr fired the latest salvo in the war against the environmental, social and governance movement that has taken hold of America’s largest investment firms.

Radio show host Larry Elder exposed President Joe Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan as a scheme that defrauds the working class in order to subsidize wealthy people, many of whom are white.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk called for more oil and gas production in order to maintain stability around the world as Europe and the United States suffer through the worst energy crisis in years.

Fox Business host Larry Kudlow blasted Biden Democrats for reversing a strong economy under former President Donald Trump on the Aug. 17 edition of Kudlow’s show.

A former Democrat donor and entrepreneur Steve Kirsch said that he watched his “friends die and be injured” by the COVID-19 vaccines. But instead of receiving a fair hearing, he was given the cold shoulder by Democratic politicians.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson unmasked liberal billionaire George Soros for quietly funding the radical leftist takeover of the American justice system with rogue prosecutors.