Bill D'Agostino
Television broadcast networks tend to slap a “far-right” label onto anything even remotely conservative, often referring to conservative Republican of Congress, fringe conspiracy theorists, and outright domestic terrorists with identical terminology. Yet these same networks refuse even to acknowledge the existence of a “far-left,” — and in fact, since the 2022 midterms, they have not applied that…
It’s not just the gaffes. President Joe Biden has a serious and well-documented problem when it comes to repeatedly telling outright lies. To read more, visit NewsBusters.
The corporate media on Monday rushed to the defense of President Biden, after his administration waited a full week to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon that flew over the continental U.S. last week.
It’s nearly impossible to compile all of the dud “bombshells,” failed scoops, and wild speculative guesses that came out of the corporate media during the height of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory. But here’s an embarrassing recap of some of their most incompetent moments.
NBC owes us all an explanation for why they suspended Miguel Almaguer. On Friday, police bodycam footage showing the violent assault of Paul Pelosi was released to the public. The events shown in the video comport with previous reporting by NBC’s Miguel Almaguer, who cited sources at the San Francisco Police Department in his description of the event.