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Scientist & Professor David Bartholomew Critiques Victor Stenger and his book "God: The Failed Hypothesis" (PART 2)

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Some of Professor Bartholomew's writings:

  • with S.E. Finer and H.B. Berrington Backbench Opinion in the House of Commons, 1955-1959. Oxford: Pergamon Press;
  • Stochastic Models for Social Processes, 1967, 3rd edn 1982;
  • with E.E. Bassett, Let's Look at the Figures: the quantitative approach to human affairs, Harmondsworth Middlesex: Penguin books (Dutch translation, 1971).
  • (jtly) Statistical Inference Under Order Restrictions
  • 1972; (jtly) Statistical Techniques for Manpower Planning, 1979, 2nd edn 1991
  • Mathematical Methods in Social Science, 1981
  • God of Chance, 1984;
  • Latent Variable Models and Factor Analysis, 1987, 2nd edn (jtly) 1999;
  • Uncertain Belief, 1996;
  • The Statistical Approach to Social Measurement, 1996;
  • (jtly) The Analysis and Interpretation of Multivariate Data for Social Scientists, 2002, 2nd edn 2008;
  • Measuring Intelligence: facts and fallacies, 2004
  • Measurement (4 vols), 2006
  • God, Chance and Purpose: Can God Have It Both Ways? Cambridge University Press 2008

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