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Dennis Prager Discusses the Marine Corps Inclusion of Women in Front-Line Combat

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Dennis discusses the purpose of the Marines, to win. For the same reason a professional baseball team does not have women on its team is because they cannot perform as well as a man in most situations similar to the analogy of baseball and combat. If so, why not make full fledged women brigades for the front lines? Also, a woman caller who served in the AIR FORCE mentions her not qualifying for the K-9 unit because she could not carry 70lbs. She agreed with that policy... that is, if a women cannot physically meet the demands, then, they should not be allowed into such a position.

Another caller that was in the ARMY when they integrated training points out some of the below:

Females pass physical training because of gender-norming. Yellow lines are put on climbing ropes. Male trainees have to climb to the top, but for our lovelies the yellow line will do. As for those awful push-ups, men have to do 20 and women just six. Then there's the "confidence course", called obstacle course in the pre-p.c. days. At Quantico's Marine training facility, a visitor noticed a footstool placed in front of an eight-foot wall so no trainee would fail to climb over it. There's one male/female strength difference quite worrisome. At Parris Island, it was discovered that 45 percent of female Marines were unable to throw a hand grenade far enough to avoid blowing themselves up. Translated in Williams' terms: if I was in a foxhole with a woman about to toss a hand grenade, I'd consider her the enemy. (Professor Walter Williams book, "More Liberty Means Less Government")

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