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Yet Another Reason We Don't Want to be Like Europe


Apparently in Europe video games designed to help swingers engage in orgies are appropriate for 12 year olds. Here is the trailer for a new game called "We Dare" from big name developer Ubisoft. You tell me if 12 year olds should be playing this (CONTENT WARNING):

(H/T Fox Nation)

Of course it isn't appropriate for 12 year olds. So what nut decided it was? Well according to The Sun it was the same group charged with protecting European kids from exactly this kind of content:

A spokeswoman for French makers Ubisoft said: "We Dare is intended for an adult audience." She said the age rating was set by an independent European panel.

Of course while this panel is ultimately responsible for their disturbing pedophilic rating but I wouldn't let Ubisoft, who makes blockbuster games like the Assassins Creed series, off the hook either. After all if they pushed hard enough for an adult rating on this game I doubt they wouldn't have got it. Frankly the situation leaves us with plenty of parties at fault.

However, the biggest take away is that we should all be glad, yet again, we are Americans and not Europeans.

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