Van Jones: Environmentalism is Really All About Social Justice


Van Jones is the gift that just keeps on giving. The Van Joneses, Ezra Kleins, and other all too honest liberals just can't help but completely affirm everything that conservatives have been saying about the left for years. In this case Van Jones might as well have gotten "Glenn Beck is right about social justice" tattooed across his forehead before giving this speech:

Oh. I see so the entire green movement is really just about forwarding a radical leftist agenda in order to restructure society. Gee, everyone on the right hasn't been saying that for years on end.

Sometimes you have to wonder if guys like Van Jones aren't just some brilliantly diabolical scheme by our side to expose the true intentions of the left for all to see. I mean Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or myself could go off on a daily basis about how the green and social justice movements might not seem connected on the surface but that they most certainly are at a deeper level and we would reach some people. However, when someone in those movements goes around saying the same thing how can anybody question it?

Anyway if you want to hear Van Jones's full convoluted explanation of how plastic kills people or something and therefor we need to radically transform how we do business, the prison system, and everything else you can check it out here. If not the real take away here is that even Van Jones believes that the green movement is inexorably connected to the social justice movement and the two are needed to bring radical change to our world. Yea.

UPDATE: Oh and by the way, as The Right Scoop pointed out a few days ago, Van Jones also basically admits that social justice is communism.

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