Alan Grayson: Republicans are Starving Children!


Alan Grayson (D-FL) is back and more asinine than ever. Watch the video to see for yourself but make sure you notice how many people are actually there when Grayson is foaming at the mouth.

You see I could go ahead and easily eviscerate Grayson and his absurd rant but there's another point I'd rather make here. Notice how Grayson is making this seemingly impassioned and genuine (though completely insane) speech in front of a completely empty room? Yea, there's only one reason he made these idiotic comments.

This is grandstanding for media attention pure and simple. By now its completely obvious that is what Grayson is all about. He says these absurd things so bloggers and the media will talk about how stupid (or, if they're so inclined, wonderful) he is. That's his game.

So, then, you might ask why exactly I am covering Grayson's latest outburst. Well, Grayson is such a great example of everything that is wrong with liberalism that anytime he screams for a platform I'm going to give it to him. If this nutbag wants to make himself the face of the left I say we help him!

Go Grayson Go! Continue to expose the violent insanity of the far left better than we ever could! Make sure that as many Americans as possible can hear your hateful ramblings!

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