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Zbig Brzezinski Mocks Obama's Weakness On Ukraine: 'You Can't Win a Military Conflict by Throwing Pancakes at Somebody'


<p>On Morning Joe, former Carter national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski mocks President Obama's weak response on Ukraine. Noting that the Ukrainians requested weapons, Brzezinski said: "<span class="ccClicked ccSpan">Do you know what our answer has </span><span class="ccSpan">been? </span><span class="ccSpan">We offered them prepackaged food </span><span class="ccSpan">for their soldiers. </span><span class="ccSpan">Well, <strong>you can't win a military </strong></span><strong><span class="ccSpan">conflict by throwing pancakes at </span></strong><span class="ccSpan"><strong>somebody</strong>. "</span><span class="ccSpan"><br /></span></p>