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'You're The Only One Who Makes Any F-ing Sense': Joe Biden To Libtalker Bill Press


<p>BILL PRESS (04 Jan 2013): I did run into the Vice President, hadn’t seen him in about a year ah he knows I’m from Delaware, born in Delaware and have known him for a long time and he saw me and he said oh my God Delaware City yeah how you doing gave me a big hug and says ‘man I’m so glad to see you.” I swear I hope he doesn’t mind my saying this and he said ‘man you’re the only man you’re the only one that makes any f-ing sense.<br /><br />PETER OGBURN: Ha ha ha ha ha. Let Joe be Joe!<br /><br />BILL PRESS: Let Joe be Joe!<br /><br />PETER OGBURN: BFD.<br /><br />BILL PRESS: BFD like he said when the President was signing the health care bill and I just laughed and he laughed and ah but you know it’s a nice compliment coming from the Vice President. <br /><br />PETER OGBURN: Yeah!<br /><br />BILL PRESS: It’s also just Joe putting it out there. </p>