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'You Had It Coming': Libs Praise Lansing Union Thugs


<p>MIKE MALLOY (11 Dec 2012) There's no sucker punch, look at the video. There's no sucker punch, they're face to face. Cowardly little bastard. 'They literally would have torn me limb from limb'. He says he has a cut on his forehead and also a chipped tooth from the skirmish. Oh really? Oh, well, you know, there should be a lesson there, you know - you don't walk into a demonstration where people are struggling uh to maintain something that's been in place for the past 75 years that's now being ripped to pieces by these filthy goddamn Republicans. </p><p>You don't walk into that and look for trouble because you will find it, Crowder, you half-wit, and you did find it! </p><p><strong>Congratulations to the guy who took a swing at you. You had it coming with your big-ass month and your snotty, arrogant comments!</strong></p>