White Libs Taunt Boehner- 'The Black Guy Stomped Your Ass'

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MIKE MALLOY (51:56) That's why this poor miserable drunk John Boehner just staggers from microphone to microphone, doesn't know which end is up and it really doesn't matter. That's why Mitch McConnell bursts out laughing - you know what that is, that's nervous laughter - because Mitch McConnell understands what he's up against now - the colored guy has whipped his ass! Well the one thing we are going to do is uh make sure that uh Barack Obama - the main thing we want to make sure is Barack Obama is a one-term president! Mmm-hmm! And then he - remember that? And then he gave that little turtle look at the camera? Uh-hm? Uh-hm? We want to make sure Barack Obama is a one - one-term president! Uh-hm! Remember that? Hey Mitch - the black guy stomped your ass! He's younger than you are, he's smarter than you are, he's handsomer than you are and he stomped your ass. Whatcha going to do about it, boy? Eh?
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