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Washington Post's Colby King Saw 'Visceral Hatred' from GOP, Obama Has to 'Just Die' to Please Krauthammmer


<p>Washington Post columnist/editorial writer Colby King on the September 7 I<em>nside Washington</em> carried by Washington, DC's WETA (26) and WJLA (7): “The amount of hate that the Republicans have for Barack Obama is just astounding. It’s not just political differences, it’s really raw, visceral hate. And you hear it week after week, day after day, moment after moment, to the Fox crowd.”<br /><br />And when Charles Krauthammer dared criticize Michelle Obama for not recognizing her husband’s grandiosity, Colby retorted: “When it comes to the Obamas, for goodness sakes, they do nothing right. I’m prepared to just go ahead and accept that from you, Charles. They do nothing right. Maybe the thing that they could do that would make you happy, maybe they should just die.”</p>