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Wallace Shows Cheney the Today Show’s ‘Investigate Cheney’ Protest Sign


<p>Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace displayed to former Vice President Dick Cheney how NBC’s Today show on Tuesday had ended Matt Lauer’s interview with him by pulling back to highlight an Amnesty International protest sign (“TORTURE IS A CRIME: INVESTIGATE CHENEY”) in the crowd on the street.<br /><br />Wallace wondered on his September 4 program: “What do you make of that? I mean, I somehow doubt that if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama were speaking, they would have taken the shot and then suddenly a person with a sign would have been putting their picture up. I mean, simply, do you think there is a liberal bias in the mainstream media?”</p><p>Cheney, who seemed to have not seen the video before, chuckled as he repeated the sign’s line, “investigate Cheney.” Out on a media tour to promote his memoirs, Cheney demurred on a chance to condemn NBC News, replying to Wallace’s liberal bias suspicion: “Oh, I think there probably is. But I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it.”</p><p><a href="…; target="_blank">Discuss on the MRC's NewsBusters blog</a>.</p>