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United NY Calls for Increase in Minimum Wage


<p>July 24 is apparently the <a href="">National Day of Action to Raise the Minimum Wage</a>. The 99 Uniting wants activists to tell congress that '<a href=";sub… 99% Need a Raise</a>.'&nbsp;</p><p>To promote this cause, United New York launched this video, <a href=";">"A Rigged Economy, But Workers are Fighting Back!"</a> which paints the story of an African American woman who constantly recieves the short end of the stick in comparison to a presumably greedy corporate white man. They both order wine: he gets several bottles worth; she gets the drops that slosh out of his enormous glass.&nbsp;</p><p>The video then presents wage figures to show that ConEd's CEO made the equivalent of $5,000 an hour 'all while allowing their contracted security guards and cleaners to be paid just $8 dollars an hour.'</p><p>Is the U.S. economy rigged? Is income equality the solution to our financial crisis?</p>