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UK London Riot BBC coverage


<p>Some 16,000 officers will police London's streets in a bid to prevent a fourth night of rioting. <br /><br />The Met Police has cancelled leave and drafted in support from 30 forces. Shops and businesses in some areas are closing early in a bid to avoid the kind of violence and looting that spread through London on Monday. PM David Cameron has pledged to restore order, recalling Parliament on Thursday in response to the "sickening scenes", which prompted unrest in other cities. <br /><br />The Metropolitan force has released what it says will be the "first of many" CCTV images of rioting suspects, while 32 people have appeared in court charged with offences such as burglary and criminal damage during the previous riots. Among them were a graphic designer, college students, a youth worker, a university graduate and a man signed up to join the army. <br /><br />Some gave non-London addresses. Eighteen were remanded in custody. So far 563 people have been arrested and 105 charged in connection with violence in the capital. Some 111 police officers have suffered injuries including serous head and eye wounds, cuts and fractured bones after being attacked by rioters wielding bottles, planks, bricks and even driving cars at them. <br /><br />Five police dogs have also been hurt. However, the force has drafted in special constables and community support officers to ensure five times the usual number of officers for a Tuesday will be on duty. Similar staffing levels will be maintained over three days.</p>