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Three Days After Denouncing Child Soldier 'Slavery', Obama Waived Sanctions on Countries That Use Them; When Will Media Report?


"When a little boy is kidnapped" and forced to become a child soldier,
"that's slavery," President Obama noted in a September 25 speech at the
Clinton Global Initiative in New York City. Yet a mere three days later,
the president waived-- for the third year in a row, no less -- U.S.
sanctions on countries that use child soldiers, including Libya, where,
as you may have noticed, we've had some nasty diplomatic security issues
of late.</p>
Josh Rogin of Foreign Policy reported the development in an October 1 The Cable blog post entitled <a href="… waives sanctions on countries that use child soldiers"</a></p><p><br />Read more at <a href="…; target="_blank"></a>.</p>