TAKING THE PLUNGE: Cornyn Says Obama Wants to Go Over Cliff

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Senator John Cornyn released a statement today accusing the president of wanting to go over the fiscal cliff. Cornyn stated:


“Apparently the President wants us to go over the fiscal cliff. This is serious business. Demanding higher taxes, more stimulus, no spending cuts, and no plan to preserve and protect Social Security and Medicare will not solve our fiscal crisis, it will make the crisis much worse.

Such a ‘business as usual’ approach paves the way for a future that offers more unemployment, more national security risks, less opportunity, and a diminished standard of living for all.  That seems to be the path the President has set us on by treating major threats to our economy in such a cavalier way.”

Last night on Fox, Senator Cornyn stated that he believed the fiscal cliff will probably not be averted and that he believed that going off the cliff could be President Obama’s plan to increase taxes. 


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