Steve Hayes: 'You Knew the Media Were Going to Obsess on This and Obsess on It They Did'

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Mitt Romney was correct in his critique of President Barack Obama’s “Arab Spring” policies but, on the timing, The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes cautioned on FNC’s Special Report, Romney should have known the media would use it against him:

You knew the media were going to obsess on this and obsess on it they did. They’re so now fascinated by this process story, using this process story to beat up Mitt Romney rather than taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture question about the policies.

Hayes marveled at the news media’s misplaced focus. “What we’re witnessing is perhaps a partial collapse of the Obama doctrine – the ‘leading from behind’ manifesto,” yet “all we heard about all day today” from the media was “whether Mitt Romney should have put out a statement at that time.”

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