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Spicer Slams Media: Dems Didn’t ‘Almost Win’ in Georgia, ‘They Lost’


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<p>During Wednesday&rsquo;s White House briefing, NBC reporter Hallie Jackson asked if President Trump was &ldquo;expending too much political capital on a race that Republicans should be winning easily,&rdquo; referring to Georgia&rsquo;s special congressional election. In response, Press Secretary Sean Spicer blasted the absurd liberal media narrative that it was a &ldquo;symbolic&rdquo; or &ldquo;emotional&rdquo; victory for Democrats despite their candidate falling short.</p>

<p><strong>&ldquo;I thought that some of the coverage was a little intriguing as I watched it....Democrats went all in on this race. They spent over $8.3 million. They said on the record that their goal was to win this race. They lost. And the reaction has somewhat been, you know, that they almost won. No, they lost,&rdquo;</strong> Spicer declared.</p>