Somali V Black American high school brawl badly reported.

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Here is a hypothetical situation.

A fight between hundreds of students takes place, Somali, presumably Muslim students on one side, and black Americans on the other.

A reporter for an American TV station is dispatched to report on the story and interviews many students as well as parents and other adults at the school to try and learn what the 'casus Beli' might have been.

Now, imagine that students and adults both pretty much had said something like,

'The 8% of Somali students were constantly being harassed and targeted for racism by the American students and lots of white kids'

You can pretty much guess that would be reported and even embellished a little as that is right with the narrative.

Now lets say that the students and responsible adults all said something like, 

'The Somali kids were hurling racist remarks at us, calling us infidels and slaves, insulting  us and demanding that we become Islamic etc. etc.'

Now how might that be reported? My guess would be constant and vague references to "ongoing tensions" repeated like a mantra, and maybe repeat that "overall, students here do get along" and that there really has been a history of (unspecified) ongoing tensions.

Truth, is the first casualty of political correctness. 

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