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Sneering CBS: Ailes’s Success at Fox Due to ‘Fostering and Exploiting Divisions’


<p>[See <a href="…; target="_blank">NewsBusters</a> for more.] The sneering reaction to the death of Roger Ailes continued on CBS, Friday. NPR&rsquo;s David Folkenflik attacked the Fox News founder for &ldquo;fostering and exploiting divisions.&rdquo; He also insisted that FNC encouraged the &ldquo;emphasis on opinion rather than reporting.&rdquo; As though liberal journalists on ABC, CBS and NBC haven&rsquo;t been doing that for decades? Guest <em>CBS This Morning</em> co-host Alex Wagner offered this leading question &ldquo;Beyond President Trump, how responsible is Roger Ailes to the political landscape in America?&rdquo; Folkenflik scolded, &ldquo;I think he helped fuel and foster what you saw after &lsquo;96, the explosion of voices on cable, what we saw of the emergence of the World Wide Web. He fostered and exploited divisions.&rdquo;</p>