Shocking Video! Contraceptives Obtained Without Federal Mandate!

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In the latest documentary video released by and the Media Research Center you will witness an amazing spectacle that will shock and stun you!

Forget everything you may have seen and heard in the mainstream media. This video dares to show that contraceptives can actually be purchased near Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.


Not only can these contraceptives be purchased at a close distance to the Law Center, but also acquisition can be achieved without a government mandate!

These revealing scenes fill the screen in an epic video that dares to tell the truth about contraception near Georgetown University Law Center. Be the first to learn the secret and tell your friends where FREE contraception can be obtained!

These secrets and more are revealed!

Note: The producers of this video would like to inform you that, unlike with certain mandates, no religious freedoms were violated in the making of this production.



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