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Sayet: Modern Liberal is Intellectually Retarded


<p>That's not a shot at the mentally handicapped.</p><p>MRCTV's
Dan Joseph talked to comedian&nbsp;and conservative author Evan Sayet about
his new book, <a href="">'The&nbsp;Kindergarten&nbsp;of Eden: How the&nbsp;Modern&nbsp;Liberal Thinks
and why He's Convinced that Ignorance is Bliss.'</a></p><div>
</div><div><p>Sayet explains that liberalism is based on
moral&nbsp;equivalency&nbsp; the ability to blur the lines between right and wrong
and a&nbsp;mentality&nbsp;that is based on&nbsp;little&nbsp;more&nbsp;than basic principles that
children learn early in life. &nbsp;Therefore the modern
liberal's&nbsp;intellectual&nbsp;growth is stunted in his or her quest for Utopia or in
the belief that Utopia&nbsp;actually&nbsp;exists.</p></div><div><p>Follow Dan on Twitter: &nbsp;<a href="; target="_blank"></a></p></div&gt;