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Saturday Night Funny Video: Auditioning Alternate Campaign Slogans for Obama, Biden and Romney


<p>“I’m a total bumbling idiot” – Barack Obama. “Both parties continue to search for catchy campaign slogans for the general election,” FNC’s Bret Baier noted on June 26 in setting up a bit from TBS’s <em>Conan</em>. Baier cited “Forward,” “Believe in America” and “Our Best Days are Ahead” before, at the end of <em>Special Report</em>, cuing up some creative video editing: “One late night show insists it’s spotted an effort to try out others.”</p><p>This video is <a href="…; target="_blank">cross-posted</a> on NewsBusters, the MRC's blog.<br /><br />Previously: “Saturday Night Funny Video: <a href="…; target="_blank">‘Alternative’ Obama-Biden Campaign Slogans from Joe Biden</a>”</p>