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Run, Liz, Run! Andrea Mitchell & Company Want Warren in 2020


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<p>On her 12 p.m. ET hour MSNBC show on Monday, anchor Andrea Mitchell and <em>USA Today</em>&rsquo;s Susan Page were positively giddy about the prospect of Senator Elizabeth Warren running for president in 2020. Promoting <a href="…; target="_blank">an interview she just conducted</a> with the Democrat, Page excitedly recalled: <strong>&ldquo;I asked if she was going to promise Massachusetts voters that she would serve all six years of her second Senate term. And she said, &lsquo;Well, that&#39;s certainly the plan.&rsquo; That is not exactly a denial of interest in the 2020 presidential race.&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>Mitchell enthusiastically chimed in: &ldquo;At all. <strong>And she&rsquo;s 67 years old. She is plenty young enough compared to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton to run four years from now.&rdquo;</strong> Page gushed: &ldquo;Yeah, she is. <strong>And she&#39;s got, of course, a huge base of support among liberals in the Democratic Party</strong> who feel like if only she or Bernie Sanders had been nominated last time around, they believe they would have had a better chance of defeating the kind of campaign that Donald Trump ran.&rdquo;</p>