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RNC Rule Change Causes Uproar With Ron Paul Supporters


<p>A vote on a rule change at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, FL led to anger from Ron Paul supporters.</p>
<p>According to <a href="ā€¦; target="_self">Business Insider</a>: "In the months leading up to the convention the Texan congressman's
defeated presidential campaign ran a "delegate strategy" to exploit
arcane party rules and bring as many supporters to Tampa as possible.
However, the attempt was largely stymied by party officials and
Romney-backed lawyers, leaving many Paul supporters angry.</p>

<p>Rule changes pushed through for the 2016 nomination process ā€“ and
aimed at preventing a repeat of the Paul delegate strategy ā€“ have also
left many Paul backers and other conservative activists embittered.</p>
<p>As the convention prepared to listen to Romney's running mate Paul
Ryan speak, a group of Maine delegates walked out of the convention hall
in protest at their treatment. Shouting "Ron Paul! Ron Paul!" they
marched through the convention hall, engaging in fierce arguments with
Romney supporters."</p>

<p>MRCTV caught video of the scene. </p>