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Ridiculous Chuck Schumer Pumps Up Sequester Scare Tactics


<p>REV. AL SHARPTON (20 Feb 2013): How are we looking on the sequester?<br /><br />SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: well I think we’re looking better. The President yesterday went out and drew the contrast. You know the sequester would be devastating to poor and middle class people.&nbsp; There’d be a 140,000 slots of Head Start would be lost, vaccinations of kids would stop, we’d have fewer food safety inspectors, you name it up and down the line, education would be cut, road building would be cut, it would cut across the board, very devastating. And so it was always when it was passed it was never intended to go into effect. It was supposed to be so horrible that Congress would come up with an alternative.&nbsp;&nbsp; </p>