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Rep. Moore: ‘Notion’ of Right to Bear Arms Shouldn’t Lead to Submarine Ownership


<p>Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) was recently seen on FOX6 in Wisconsin discussing the role government has in gun ownership.<br /><br />“Where are we going with this? I mean, do individuals get to own nuclear weapons? Do they get to own submarines, with this notion that they have a right to bear arms? No.”</p><p>I’m not aware of any great clamor of Americans desiring their own nuclear weapons. The laws in place governing the possession, storage and transportation of plutonium and uranium isotopes make that a difficult endeavor.<br /><br />But, can you purchase a submarine?<br /><br />Actually yes.<br /><br />They are quite expensive, but if you have the money you can buy a submarine. There’s no criminal background check involved in regards to submarine ownership. You don’t even need a license to operate one.<br /><br />So, does Rep. Moore’s comments mean that she wants to put restrictions on the ownership of submarines?</p>