Politico's John Harris Boasts He Assigned Story on How Republican Primary 'Voters Are Stupid'

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From Politico Live, about 9:45 PM EDT on Tuesday, March 13, the night of the primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, a rant from Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris – a Washington Post veteran – justifying why he assigned a staffer to write a post which was mildly titled: “How much do voters know?” (Details in a NewsBusters post: “Politico’s Alex Burns: Voters Are ‘Forrest Gump-like’, Lack ‘Most Basic Grasp of the Details’”)

Politico Live was carried by C-SPAN and, in the Washington, DC-area, by NewsChannel 8, the all-news cable channel owned by the same company which owns Politico. (NewsBusters: “Politico Editor Proudly Announces Story Calling Americans ‘Stupid’ Was His Idea”)

The reaction at the end is from Jim VandeHei, Politico’s Executive Editor.

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