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Pelley Trumpets Obama's 'Remarkable Moment of Candor' in What Makes the 'Sacrifices Worth It'


<p>“Listen for it,” CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley urged viewers Friday night in trumpeting what he hailed as “a remarkable moment of candor” from President Barack Obama “when he told us the sacrifices he makes being President wouldn’t be worth it except for one thing.”<br /><br />Viewers soon heard from Obama how all the sacrifice he must suffer through as President, such as “the inability to just take a walk,” is all “worth it” when he hears about how an ObamaCare provision has saved someone from dying of cancer. </p><p>This is what Obama asserted which Pelley directed viewers to appreciate in the interview conducted back on Saturday, September 8 and trickled out over the past week:<br /><br />"One of the things that you learn after you’ve been in this office for a while is the pomp, the circumstance, the title, the Air Force One, all that stuff probably isn’t worth the sacrifice with respect to the time lost from your family, the inability to just take a walk and go out for a drive. What makes it worth it is when you meet some couple that says, 'you know what? Our kid was able to stay on our health insurance plan and it turns out they were just diagnosed with a curable cancer but if they hadn’t stayed on our plan we would haven’t caught it.' That’s what makes it worth it."<br /><br />More in the <a href="…; target="_blank">cross-post</a> on the MRC's NewsBusters blog.</p>