Overt Lefty Racism: Michelle Malkin's 'Rice Ball'

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STEPHANIE MILLER (07 Feb 2013): Let’s unpack this rice ball of health care nonsense from Michelle Malkin.
Audio of Malkin plays.

JIM WARD: Boy she would know about brain drain.

JACKI SCHECHNER: Michelle Malkin is a senior fellow at fantasy think tank.


JACKI SCHECHNER: I have no idea where she gets this stuff other than making it up out of her own mind.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Apparently there are no more doctors.


GLORIA IN MEMPHIS (32:06): I want to talk about Michelle Malkin. You know she has the most annoying face.

JIM WARD: Ha ha!

GLORIA IN MEMPHIS: It just looks like someone just balled her face up and just gave her a real big pinch.

JIM WARD: Ha ha ha ha!

GLORIA IN MEMPHIS: She’s just so annoying.

STEPHANIE MILLER: At least you’re keeping this all intellectual.

CHRIS LAVOIE: Ha ha ha ha ha!

GLORIA IN MEMPHIS: Ha ha ha ha ha!


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