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Outtake: Lady on the Street Annihilates Obama's Idea that ATM's Take Jobs Away from People


<p>*NOTE: I do not in any way believe in the absurd idea of banning ATM's. If anything, the production, shipment, and maintenance of ATM's create more jobs than those that are being 'taken away'.* A couple weeks ago, Dan Joseph and I <a href="">went out with a petition to "Ban Job Killing ATM's"</a> after President Obama said that technology, such as ATM's and airport kiosks, have taken away jobs from some people when speaking about unemployment. For the most part, people either signed or kindly refused; except for one woman who pointed out the stupidity of the idea- and rightfully so. Just for fun, here's the full clip of her. <a href="">To watch the petition video, click here</a>.</p>