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Obama: 'Religious Liberty is Critical,' But...


<p>In an interview with Louisiana reporter Karen Swensen of Eyewitness News, President Barack Obama responds to a question posed by a voter: 'What can you say about a healthcare bill that'll mandate insurance companies to provide birth control, sterilization, etc. to employees of Catholic universities, hospitals and churches since this goes against the Catholic religion?'</p><p>Obama responds that 'religious liberty is critical' but insists 'we did say that big Catholic hospitals or universities who employ a lot of non-Catholics and who receive a lot of federal money' don't have the right to not provide health insurance which covers birth control for their employees.&nbsp;</p><p>Nevermind that instituations are required to follow the mandate regardless of whether or not they recieve federal funds.&nbsp;</p><p>This video was featured on <a href="">…;