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O’Reilly: Former Obama adviser Anita Dunn’s PR firm representing Sandra Fluke


<p>Georgetown Law student <a href="… Fluke</a> is being represented by<a href=";_ylt=A0oG7l7iGFpPi3AARGpXNyo…; Anita Dunn,</a>&nbsp; a former
Obama adviser’s PR firm, <a href="… O’Reilly explained on his show “The
O’Reilly Factor” </a>Thursday night, suggesting that the young woman was
indirectly planted at the center of the <a href="… id="KonaLink0" class="kLink" style="text-decoration: underline ! important; position: static; font-family: inherit ! important; font-weight: inherit ! important; font-size: inherit ! important;" href="…; controversy by the Obama administration.</p>