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Note to Martin Bashir: There's a Difference Between Cuban-Americans and Puerto Ricans


I know Martin Bashir's from across the Pond, but surely he knows
there's a difference between Cuban-Americans and Puerto Ricans, right?</p>
During today's "Top Lines" montage feature on MSNBC's Martin Bashir
program, producers threw together some comments that presidential
contender and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) made recently about the
matter of whether the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico should enter into the
Union as a state. To illustrate their editorial comment on his views,
they tossed in a clip of an outraged Desi Arnaz in his Ricky Ricardo
persona from the 1950s sitcom, "I Love Lucy." </p><p><br />Read more at <a href="…; target="_blank">NewsBusters</a>.</p>