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New Lib Slander: Boehner's Wife Stole Inaugural Silverware


<p>HAL SPARKS (STEPHANIE MILLER SHOW 23 JAN 2013): The story in the Huffington Post interesting it says said First Lady not amused by President’s banter with John Boehner. <br /><br />CHRIS LAVOIE: Right.<br /><br />HAL SPARKS: So it was is basically that they were trying to have a shared moment. Her body language as she’s eating like is<br /><br />CHRIS LAVOIE: Get him away from me. <br /><br />HAL SPARKS: away from me, right, which isn’t that different from his wife whose on the other side of him. <br /><br />CHRIS LAVOIE: Right.<br /><br />HAL SPARKS: Boehner’s wife. <br /><br />CHRIS LAVOIE: Oh in that same video you can kind of see Mrs. Boehner maybe st<br /><br />HAL SPARKS: Yeah.<br /><br />CHRIS LAVOIE:&nbsp; grabbing some silverware and putting it in her purse. <br /><br />JACKI SCHECHNER: Nooooooo!<br /><br />HAL SPARKS: I think she just I think she just spilled on her lap and she’s brushing some of it off. <br /><br />CHRIS LAVOIE:&nbsp; I prefer to think the other.<br /><br />JACKI SCHECHNER: Is this Sweet and Low free?</p>