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NBC's Lauer Suggests Obama for Time's 'Person of the Year'


<p>At the end of an interview with CEO Jeff Bezos on Friday's NBC <em>Today</em>, co-host Matt Lauer wondered: "I think it was 1999, you were named <em>Time</em> magazine's <em>Person of the Year</em>, alright? So I was just actually on a panel the other day where they're trying to figure out 2012's <em>Person of the Year</em>. Who should it be?... it could be Barack Obama, it can be – I mean, there are a lot of candidates. Who do you think it should be?" <br /><br />At first, Bezos dodged the question: "You have put me on the spot. I don't know." But he then agreed with Lauer's suggestion: "In an election year, you know, Obama would be a pretty good choice." </p>