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NBC's Ed Schultz Doubles-Down: CONFISCATE ALL GUNS


<p>ED SCHULTZ (02:36): I tweeted out a number of things over the weekend, one of them was confiscation. I mean, I'm talking about guaranteed eliminate the problem. I mean, if you were to confiscate every firearm in America, how could there be any shootings? That's the point. Is it going to happen? No. And of course I got the hateful tweets back, (sarcastically) you try doing that at my door, Ed. You know, that's, there's always going to be those people screaming in the arena not understanding exactly what this is all about. And you can pass all, as I tweeted out, all the feel-good laws in the world. But until you address the direct problem of making sure that you confiscate firearms from mentally ill people, and then that's really where we're at. And you start labeling people in society as to be not fit to own a firearm. Just like some elderly people in America aren't fit to drive their vehicle. It's a privilege. It's not a right. </p>